Hey there! I’m Devon. I design the websites and handle most of the client communications.

I was raised in a small coastal town in Southern Maine, but my love of travel has taken me far from home. Aside from building websites, my greatest passions are practicing yoga and reading everything I can get my hands on.

This is Grayson, our graphic designer

He was born and raised in Idaho, and when he isn't making something (which is rare), he loves exploring his home state and beyond.

We met a few years ago and quickly discovered our mutual interest in all things creative and adventurous. 

Together, we traveled the country in our van,

Designed and built a few experimental structures,

And converted a vintage travel trailer that we now live in in Boise, Idaho.

Over the years, we’ve had to learn everything we know about running a business on the fly-- selling our creations as we’ve made them in order to have the freedom to keep creating. We’ve learned a lot about what works (and a lot about what doesn’t)

Regardless of the product, what we’ve found to be true for all our ventures is that the more openly we share who we are, the more we feel connected to and supported by others. 

We’re proud to be part of a community that seeks a life outside the norm, and with 6th Sense, we hope to connect with other like minded thinkers, makers, teachers, healers, artists, and artisans, and help them promote their businesses in a way that feels most authentic to their mission. 

We hope we’ll have the pleasure of working with you.