Your branding is bland and unattractive.
 Not even you want a t-shirt with your logo on it.

You want to cover your house in brand stickers and your customers can't wait to rep your swag.

before working with us:

after working with us:

Customers click to your website and leave because it's outdated and confusing.

Customers can't wait to see what you have to offer in real life because they're so captivated by your gorgeous website.

You know your ideal client or customer but can't seem to get them to notice you, or you keep attracting people who definitely aren't a good fit.

You consistently draw in work from the clients and customers of your dreams.

Marketing and self-promotion feel awkward and inauthentic. You cringe every time you post on Instagram.

You're proud of your brand and have discovered ways of promoting your business that feel genuine and actually have fun doing it.



Unless otherwise agreed upon, all packages include a basic website & logo (with variations). While there are many factors that can affect the final investment, the most common are: professional copywriting services, # of website pages, # and type of marketing materials, and website maintenance coaching.

what determines the price of my package?

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what do i need to have ready before we start?

If you are not requiring copywriting services, prior to your scheduled design period you will need all written content, photographs (personal, not stock. If using stock we will collaborate on choosing photos), and a finished brand discovery questionnaire.

what if i just need a logo or website, not both?

In order to maintain cohesive design, we have simplified our branding packages to include both a website and logo. However, we know that not all businesses will require both. If you are just looking for a logo, please contact us for a custom quote. If you already have a logo and are looking for a website, please contact us. We approve website-only projects on a case-by-case basis, and only if the existing logo meets our set standards of design. 

will i be able to update & maintain my website on my own?

Yes! The two platforms that we use, Squarespace and Showit, are very user-friendly and allow for easy updates and edits. If you choose to, your package will include 1-on-1 coaching to ensure that you feel confident taking over your website once our build-out is complete. You will also have the option of purchasing retainer hours, if you'd prefer to leave future website maintenance up to us.

what if i'm not located near you?

No problem! We work with people all around the country (and hopefully soon globe!), thanks to that magical thing called wifi.

Is there a revision process?

Yes! Branding and design work is inherently collaborative in order to ensure that your mission comes across clearly and authentically. You will be invited to revise your website, logo, and graphics throughout the design period.

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